About Me - Profile

Aged 21 Richard Horstman (born in Melbourne, Australia 1964) met his first spiritual teacher, Sue Christiansen, who introduced him to meditation and an understanding of the emotional human experience.  This began his journey of exploration into the esoteric and the nature of the spirit.

Images of foreign and mystical Eastern cultures from the media ignited his youthful curiosity and in 1986 he made his first excursion into South East Asia. 

He has since collectively spent more than 16 years in the region, including visiting Japan. The Buddhist culture of Thailand, in particular the philosophies and meditation resonated deeply with him.

While living in Bali in 2007 Richard met the extraordinary divine channel Astrea Aurora and then underwent the activations and trainings of the Sacred Mystery School. 

This set in motion an amazing and ongoing experience into higher multi-dimensional energies and the process of returning and healing fragmented aspects of the soul. This along with other cleansing practices and intensive work with sacred geometry allowed Richard’s psychic gifts to blossom. 

Richard lives in Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali, where he focuses on fine-tuning his sensitivities with the powerful creative energies that the Island is renowned for.  He is agifted clairvoyant and Akashic Record keeper and draws on various shamanic techniques to create sacred space, facilitating guided meditations for clients.

This transformational technique stimulates the body’s innate intelligence, initiating its own natural healing and restorative processes.


Living and working in harmony with the beautiful Balinese locals and nature.