Quotes i just had two sessions with Richard and i felt that a lot of what was kept in hidden folds of my psyche came to light and was literally washed out and cleansed. It was a profound experience that left me deeply relaxed. A few days ago Richard guided me to Astrea for a meditation and Activation. It has been emotionally intense, bringing out tears, but in the hours that followed i found a new, quiet peace and positivity that brightened my perspectives. Quotes

Quotes Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know that my Akashic Record Clearing session with you was a wonderful experience and very productive. The benefits began even before the session as I completed the preparation exercise. The session preparation was thought provoking and brought a great deal of clarity and insight. The actual Akashic Record Clearing, the following day, was a powerful inner journey that took me deep inside and allowed me to release old patterns of beliefs and behavior that were no longer serving me. I came away from the clearing feeling lighter, brighter, more connected and alive. Thank you for the work you do. Quotes
Tom Margrave
Bali Soul Adventures

Quotes Richard opens a stargate into purpose, past and pre destiny , if you feel stuck or have left something behind, he can help you remember and retrieve. Quotes
Shervin, Writer

Quotes A few weeks ago I went to see Richard who is well known as an Akashic Record clearing practitioner. I have always felt some heavy stuff out of my past holding me down, somehow not letting me be able to fully enjoy the richness of my daily life here in Ubud. Well, I must say, the journey Richard took me helped me a lot to get rid of my burden. The technique he uses is wonderfully relaxing...beautiful music sounds in a quiet space, his voice, gentle and clear, calling the Masters for support. I could feel the ethereal presence. The guided journey took me to incredible places I could really ?see?, relieving me from burdens I was not even conscious of?filling me with new visions, positive goals, joyful expectations? It has been a remarkable experience I would recommend to everybody. Quotes

Quotes Although I believe the process Richard leads is very unique for each person, I do know that his facilitation, calm voice, and presence is a strong factor in the depth that people reach. During my session I felt a strong tangible energy around me, almost like I was being held by the buoyancy of water. By the end of the session I was feeling deeply relaxed, connected with self and clear. Quotes