The Working Modality

Akashic Record Clearing Technique -  STAGES.

Richard leads clientson an inter-dimensional guided meditation, carefully bringing them into a secure and intimate space. This is a unique journey into the deeper and core levels of their being. Active participation on behalf of the client is vital to the effectiveness of this technique. During the session the client will be asked to utilise the power of their creative imagination to visualise and sense their experience to the best of their ability and also to verbalize information essential to thisprocess. They will also partake in simple, energetic exercises using their breath, focus and intention.


Clients are required to do essential preparation before the session and when prompted during the meditation will need to communicate that information. An email will be sent in advance to clients outlining the required work they need to attend to so they are then fully prepared for the session.


During the initial stages of the session clients will be asked to reveal the negative behaviors, fears, reactions, patterns, traits as well as health issues they have been dealing with. These are generally reoccurring experiences and patterns, which disempower them and result in confusion, frustration, fear, sadness and loss of energy. These are habits that did not support the client in any positive way and they wish to be free of and no longer a part of their life. These negative patterns have powerful energetic ties that are related to the cause and effect nature of our universe and their own individual karma.  


Clients shall participate in a process of cutting through these energetic karmic ties aiding in the release of the negative energies that have kept them bound to these disempowering patterns.

Next in the journey the client will be asked to describe the life that they truly wish to live. Their ideal life that is free from any disempowering personal habits. The life experience that would bring them the most joy, satisfaction and contentment – the life of their heart’s highest dreams. This is an important aspect to this manifestation process that they clearly express their wishes without consideration to any limitations - all the abundance they truly wish for in their lives. They will be free to recreate themselves and describe vividly all the wonderful things they wish for that will make their life experience the most empowering. (Their ideal career, family, home, spiritual, creative, health and personal scenarios, etc).


The later part of the meditation involves exercises using the power of the breath and intention with the individual chakras of the body and a journey within the layers of the earth and then finally bringing their focus to the body’s cellular and DNA levels. As the session draws to a close the client then will be guided back into the present and will be allowed to gently return to the awareness and the surroundings of the room.


After the session the client is requested to drink plenty of water, to refrain from any physical exertion and rest if required to aid in the energy integration process and their body’s restorative procedures. It is recommended that client under goes 3 of these sessions ideally with at least 3-4 days in between. The meditation will be completed within 50-70 minutes and the entire appointment with Richard requires 1.5 hours.  Richard draws upon shamanic techniques to facilitate energy that invigorates the body’s own innate intelligence, initiating its natural healing processes. This is a transformational experience aiding in the releasing of obstacles to self empowerment.